Storylines to Watch: TE Value in 2020 Drafts

With the off season in full effect, I’m highlighting a list of eight story lines I am watching in the off season.  One each day that draw on threads from The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition.

Tight End May Have Value This Year

The tight end position was largely valueless in terms of depressed pedigree last year.  This year, O.J. Howard (TE14 in February ADP) and David Njoku (TE16) are at crossroads of their career.  Both seem like misfits on their team, but represent strong profiles as first round tight ends.  The differences in their resumes are notable.  First round tight ends with three years of experience and no top 12 finishes like Howard, hit 50% of the time for a top 12 seasonal finish.  On the other hand, first round tight ends with a top 12 seasonal finish like Njoku, hit 81% of the time for another top 12 seasonal finish.  Add in the Austin Hooper (TE6) and Hunter Henry (TE8) who are free agents with late risers in 2019 in the form of Mike Gisecki (TE13) and Tyler Higbee (TE12), and you have major tight end value fluctuation.

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