AOD Applications

Welcome to the Analytics of Dynasty Applications.  You can find the link to the Applications below.

Dynasty Trade Database

Our Dynasty Trade Database searches more than 6500 real dynasty leagues for dynasty trades. You can search for dynasty picks, dynasty players, and trades involving multiple players. Want to find just trades involving Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott? You can do it.

Dynasty Trade Database 

Real Draft Position

Want to know the ADP of a player?  This is for you.  Our take on ADP is a little different.  We use real dynasty drafts, to give you constantly updating data of what you can expect in your dynasty drafts and trades.

We have Real Draft Position during rookie draft season and throughout the startups offseason.  Want to know if a player will be available at 2.10 in your draft?  We have the ability to search specifically for the odds players will be available at your next pick.

Real Draft Position

Team Tracker

Want to track your MFL teams all in one spot?  This is for you.  Our Team Tracker allows you to input each of your teams and track them in your own Google Sheet.  Want to know many teams your roster Patrick Mahomes?  We got you.

AOD Team Tracker

This primer explains more about the team tracker. Team Tracker Update


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