Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition


The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition is an in-depth and unique look at dynasty fantasy football strategy. The book is not simply an update on the 2019 edition.  Instead, the 2020 edition of The Analytics of Dynasty has in-depth focus on questions prior purchasers have asked specifically about Superflex leagues including:

  1. How quickly quarterbacks are selected in Superflex Drafts?
  2. What are the comparative positional values in Superflex Drafts?
  3. How do you avoid missing at the quarterback position?

The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition will also help you gauge the odds a player will produce a fantasy starter season, based on their time in the league, draft pedigree and position with Dynamic Hit Rates.

The Analytics of Dynasty 2019 Edition provided a lot of hit rates and showed the average of how often players hit and their average production.  The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition goes even deeper to look at the density of players.  Worried about drafting a one-hit wonder?  The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition will give you a systematic approach to avoiding these critical misses.

The book will also give you critical and contrarian strategies to valuing rookie picks, the value of trading up in a startup draft, and the strength of teams that win dynasty leagues.

The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition will give you data-backed analysis to help you avoid costly narratives, bad player profiles, and the mistakes lessers owners will make.

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