The Analytics of Dynasty: What Those Who Ordered Have Said

The Analytics of Dynasty is available for purchase.  If you are wondering if you should order, here is some of what readers have said about the book:

  • “Loving the book so far- the rule of 7 can be a game changer as my teams come out of the productive struggle heading into years 2/3”
  • “Yes! Can’t wait to read this on company time. Need to restrain myself this weekend.”
  • “Just started reading, well worth the price already.”
  • “This book is must-read if you are serious about dynasty. You are missing out if you don’t get it

Make sure to get your copy today!

Click here to order your copy now for $30 to get an edge on your opponents.

Click here if you want to order the book and a 1 on 1 strategy session to talk about team building for $50. 

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