Available Now: The Analytics of Dynasty

The Analytics of Dynasty is now available for immediate download.  After months of pre-orders and writing, the final product is now available.

If you purchase now, you can begin reading immediately.

The Analytics of Dynasty has some key features that are different from common dynasty strategies.  Some key areas that will differentiate your teams include:

  • Age impacts positions differently;
  • Focusing on successful profiles instead of picking individual players;
  • Identifying and avoiding common narratives that are plain wrong;
  • How to properly value rookie picks.

One of the critical parts of the book that is different is the use of Wins Over Replacement Player (WORP) and Adjusted Wins Over Replacement Player (aWORP).  These are two metrics that identify key value opportunities that you will only find in The Analytics of Dynasty.

Click here to order your copy now for $30 to get an edge on your opponents.

Click here if you want to order the book and a 1 on 1 strategy session to talk about team building for $50. 

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