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Human Hand Grenade Matrix

The Human Hand Grenade, the type of backup running backs you can throw into your lineup and blow up a week, are so critical to achieving high end fantasy outcomes. These situations are fluid and warrant constant consideration. This is a tracker that will be updated throughout the offseason.

The tracker includes starter, the one injury away player (Human Hand Grenade), the priority level for the backup situation, and the confidence level of the Human Hand Grenade. I also put the projected 2022 starter in the final column.
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Running Back Dynasty Tiers

Running Back Dynasty Tiers can Be found here.  Keep in mind, these are not linear rankings.  In other words, this is not meant to be a go down the list exercise.  Instead, each different player represents a different investment type.  Consider what you are trying to accomplish with your pick.    Rookies have yet to be added.  The associated podcast discussed some of the decisions herein.

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