Real Draft Position Tracker

Our Analytics of Dynasty Real Draft Position Tracker is live! This data will represent true prices and the real draft position of players in the dynasty market, making it better than any monthly mock draft ADP. As news impacts player movement, we will see this in real time, instead of waiting for the next month of average draft position. This data will populate and grow as more startup drafts occur, which should begin in earnest now that MFL has converted to 2021. For example, the sample so far is just from mid February and already has over a dozen drafts.

The data used is Superflex Drafts and includes rookie place holders, i.e. the draft position where the 1.01 rookie pick was taken. The data used is the median instead of the average. The average will be shifted by outlier data, particularly at smaller sample sizes, where the median will not be shifted in this way. The median represents the midpoint of where the player was drafted.

A simple way to read the median is to think half of the time the player was selected at or before the player’s median draft position and the other half of the time the player was selected after the player’s median draft position. The same holds for their position median rank.

For example, if Player X is listed with a median draft position of 30 with a positional median rank of RB11, you can read the numbers to say half the time he went at or before pick 30 and the other half the time he went after pick 30. Likewise, half the time he went at or before RB11 and half the time he went after RB11.