The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition

I bought my wife’s engagement ring on a Saturday. I took the ring to my car, hid it in the trunk with the intent to bring it home, hide it, and propose to her on a trip we were taking the upcoming Thursday. On the way home, I stopped an hit golf balls while she was working. After a couple hours, I went home, hid the ring in my safe under my bed, and made dinner before she came home. When she came home, I was terrified. I was worried about her finding a receipt, or the gift bag from the jewelers. I was worried she knew where the safe was and would go in there for some reason and find the ring. The four hours I owned the ring were pure torture. After we ate dinner, we sat on the couch and watched Dateline. The ring was burning a hole in my pocket despite being hidden in a safe. I decided to scrap my plans, walk to the safe, get the ring, and proposed right there on the couch in sweatpants, while watching Dateline on the couch. 

I don’t deal well with holding onto big items. I need to share them with people and friends. I finished The Analytics of Dynasty 2020 Edition a couple minutes ago and I want to share it before it goes on sale Saturday. Let’s keep it under wraps, but feel free to make trades based on the information in here. 

Thanks for your support and being an Analytics of Dynasty Patron. Enjoy the book. 

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