Startup Draft Tracker

Below is a list of some recent and ongoing startup drafts for research purposes.  This can help you formulate trade ideas, positional run timing, and roster constructions.

Superflex (6P Passing TD), .1PPC, Tier PPR, Starting 1/2/2/1 1SF 4Flex

Hall Of Fame Dynasty:

Standard QB (4PT Passing TD) Starting 1/2/3/1 1Flex Rookie Placeholders

Apex 131:

Superflex (4PT Passing TD), TE Premium (1.75PPR), Starting Requirements 1/1/1/1 1SF/4Flex

Trade Addicts 6:

Trade Addicts 5:

Superflex (4PT Passing TD), .5 PPR + .5 PT for First Down RB/WR, TE Premium (1 PPR + 1 Pt for First Down), Starting Requirements 1/1/1/1 1SF 5 Flex

Marvel vs DC:

Superflex with IDP (4PT Passing TD) Starting Requirements 1/2/3/2 1SF/2 Flex +IDP

DP Dynasty:

Superflex (6PT Passing TD), .5 PTs for First Down RB/WR, TE Premium (1.5 PPR)   Starting Requirements 1/3/3/1 1SF/1Flex

Dynasty Workshop: