Introduction to Rebuilding Class

This dynasty rebuilding course looks at the process and strategy for changing the direction of your dynasty team.

Evaluating Your Start

Evaluating the direction of your team is the most critical starting point to your changing direction. There are critical ways to evaluate your team during the season. Is your team a “Good Record, Good Points” team, or is it a “Bad Record, Bad Points” team?

Evaluating Assets

What type of assets should you be targeting in your rebuild? This section should give you some ideas of what to target in terms of rookie picks and assets.

Rebuilding Process

This chapter looks at some strategies and team direction evaluations you should make before deciding to rebuild or retool.

Critical questions include, why are you rebuilding, are you going to rebuild or retool, when will you compete again, and how will you contend again?

Leaning Into Your Rebuild

Your rebuilding strategy should align with your teams and goals. The circumstances of your team are critical to how you should rebuild.

More strategies to come!

Course Curriculum