AOD Weight Loss Competition!

We are hosting a weight loss competition. This begins at the conclusion of the Super Bowl, and runs through your final weigh in on March 31st. You can join and weigh in at any point, but your final weigh in must be on March 31st. The buy in is $20. $10 of the buy in will go to a pool for the winners. This payout will be determined based on how many people join the contest.

The other $10 will go to the Navajo Nation COVID-19 Response Donation Fund. For more about the charity, you can read here: https://www.nndoh.org/donate.html and https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/irish-donate-navajo-covid-19-relief-debt/.

Payments can be made on paypal to jordansmcnamara@gmail.com.