5 Hours Left to Pre-Order The Analytics of Dynasty for $25

Tonight is your last chance to pre-order The Analytics of Dynasty for $25.
The pre-order will get you the book when it comes out in January and a one-on-one strategy session.
The book has a lot of content including:
1. Startup hit rates
2. Rookie-Veteran value trade chart
3. Positional scoring history
4. Why drafting a lot of wide receivers is a bad strategy
5. Draft and trade tips to give you an edge
The content will give you an edge over your fellow owners that you can use to improve your teams in your dynasty leagues.

Deadline tonight: Hours Left to Pre-Order for $25

Today is the final day of my pre-order offer: If you pre-order The Analytics of Dynasty by midnight tonight, you will get the book for $25 and a one-on-one strategy session.

The strategy session will cover team building, roster construction, and trading tips based on the research from the book. By ordering early, you will get a sneak peak of the data to use against your opponents before the book is released in January.

Some of the topics in the book include:

  1. Better startup decision making
  2. Optimized rookie draft strategies
  3. How to value future picks in trades
  4. How to hit on your picks at a higher rate.

Some of the research for the book is contrary to common narratives and can provide you a way to exploit biases in drafts and trades.

I have detailed some of the findings from my research at including

  1. How the “Boom Bust” narrative about Brandin Cooks is demonstrably false;
  2. Why Kalen Ballage is a must selection in the second round of rookie drafts;
  3. How truly rare Arian Foster was as a running back.

Make sure to pre-order today to lock in the pre-order price of $25 and a one-on-one strategy session.  You only have hours left!